Sierra Nevada on Pedals Route

Discover Sierra Nevada a Pedales, an exciting cycling route in stages that crosses the Sierra Nevada National Park, the Alpujarra Granadina and the Marquesado del Zenete offering spectacular scenery and an unforgettable challenge.
4 días
14 Personas
Price / Pers. from 735€

Sierra Nevada on Pedales: embark on the most epic cycling route in Granada!

The route “Sierra Nevada on Pedals” crosses some of the most impressive and emblematic landscapes of the province of Granada, starting in Granada with a mythical ascent to the Veleta Peak, continuing through the picturesque Alpujarra Granadina and reaching the arid Marquesado del Zenete. During your journey, you will pass through emblematic places such as:

Sierra Nevada National Park.

This natural and national park is a sanctuary of biodiversity, home to towering peaks such as Mulhacén and Pico Veleta, with its 3383 meters above sea level. Here, cyclists will face the challenge of ascending to the highest heights of the Iberian Peninsula, being rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views.

Granada’s Alpujarra

The Alpujarra is famous for its white villages perched on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, where time seems to stand still. Cyclists will enjoy spectacular views and the hospitality of its inhabitants, while exploring a landscape of agricultural terraces and rugged mountains.

Granada Geopark

The Granada Geopark is a geological jewel that shows the geological evolution of the region through unique rock formations and breathtaking landscapes. During your bike tour, you can admire the geological richness of this place, which serves as a testimony of the geological past of the Sierra Nevada.

Sierra de Huétor

This mountain range near the city of Granada offers a remarkable contrast to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Its forests of Aleppo pines and holm oaks, together with its streams and waterfalls, provide a perfect natural environment for rest and contemplation after a day of demanding cycling.

Marquesado del Zenete

Known for its semi-desert and arid landscape, the Marquesado del Zenete offers a unique experience on your tour. Here, cyclists will pass through roads that wind between hills and dry valleys, offering a fascinating contrast to the green landscapes of the Alpujarra and the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

In summary

Each stage of the Sierra Nevada a Pedales route is designed to immerse you in the wild nature and rich history of this region. From the majesty of its peaks to the serenity of its valleys, this cycling adventure will take you to discover the best kept secrets of the Sierra Nevada, while challenging your physical limits and connecting you deeply with the natural environment.

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What is Sierra Nevada?

Sierra Nevada is a natural jewel located in the heart of Granada. With more than 52 peaks over 3,000 meters, it is home to the Mulhacen, the highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula, and the emblematic Pico Veleta. This natural and national park is a haven of biodiversity, where endemic flora and fauna coexist in harmony. The landscapes vary from lush valleys to desert plateaus, offering a visual contrast that takes the breath away from anyone who visits.

What is Sierra Nevada a Pedales route by stages?

Sierra Nevada on Pedals is a challenging stage cycling route that takes in some of Spain’s most spectacular scenery. Starting in the heart of the Alpujarra Granadina, each stage takes you closer to the summit, until you reach the majestic road to Pico Veleta, the highest peak in Europe. The route allows you to connect with nature in its purest state, offering panoramic views, demanding ascents and dizzying descents. It is not only a physical challenge, but an emotional adventure that reconnects you with the essential.

Why do you have to do Sierra Nevada and not another route?

Choosing Sierra Nevada a Pedales is to opt for an unparalleled experience. No other route offers you the combination of altitude, diversity of landscapes and the cultural richness of the region. Here, every kilometer is a history lesson, an encounter with nature and a personal challenge. In addition, our tour includes exclusive services such as luggage transfer, daily briefing and accident, liability and rescue insurance. All this ensures that your only concern is to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. In comparison, other tours simply cannot offer the same level of organization and attention to detail.

What is the profile of Sierra Nevada a Pedales?

The profile of the Sierra Nevada a Pedales route is as varied as it is spectacular. In its 3 or 4 stages, depending on your choice, you will accumulate a positive elevation gain of 6905 meters above sea level. Each stage is designed to take you from lush valleys to desert peaks, passing through the iconic Alpujarra and the rugged Marquesado del Zenete. It is a route designed for passionate cyclists looking for a real challenge, where every ascent is rewarded with panoramic views and unforgettable descents.

What is so special and unique about Sierra Nevada a Pedales?

What makes Sierra Nevada on Pedales unique is its passage along the highest road in Europe, with the thrilling ascent to Pico Veleta. This route not only takes you through the magical Alpujarra, known for its picturesque white villages and rich cultural heritage, but also introduces you to the desert-like Marquesado del Zenete, with its lunar landscape. It is a combination of contrasts found nowhere else in the world, offering a cycling experience that challenges both body and mind.


Preferably from May to Novembre for weather reasons

Uphill Tracks 40%
Dirt Tracks


Sierra Nevada

The trip includes

Luggage Transfer
Accident Insurance
Liability Insurance
Bicycle Rental
Daily telephone follow-up


Expert Guide It is possible to hire
Helmet It is possible to hire
Mechanical Assitance It is possible to hire
Displacement It is possible to hire

Highlights of the trip

Ascent of Pico Veleta: Experience the thrill of reaching 3383 meters above sea level on the highest road in Europe, with unparalleled panoramic views and a physical challenge that rewards you with an unparalleled sense of achievement.

Scenic diversity: From the lush valleys of the Alpujarra to the arid landscapes of the Marquesado del Zenete, each pedal stroke takes you through a variety of unique natural scenery, ranging from pine forests and waterfalls to semi-desert hills, offering an unforgettable cycling experience.


Benefits of the trip

Physical and Mental Challenge: The route offers challenging climbs and thrilling descents that will test your endurance and cycling skills. Push your personal limits as you conquer the heights of the Iberian Peninsula and explore varied terrain.

Exclusive Services and Guaranteed Safety: Enjoy the peace of mind of having luggage and passenger transfers arranged, as well as full insurance coverage for accidents, liability and rescue. This allows riders to fully concentrate on the experience without logistical worries.

The Sierra Nevada on Pedals Stages

Sierra Nevada

Stage 1 – Sierra Nevada

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 88 Km
Technical Difficulty DIFÍCIL
Elevation Gain 2900 m
Elevation Loss 2140 m
Minimum Altitude 670
Maximum Altitude 3385
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO

Stage 2 – Alpujarra

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 76 Km
Technical Difficulty MODERADO
Elevation Gain 1400 m
Elevation Loss 1830 m
Minimum Altitude 810 m
Maximum Altitude 1540 m
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO

Stage 3 – Marquesado

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 65 Km
Technical Difficulty MODERADO
Elevation Gain 1580 m
Elevation Loss 1450 m
Minimum Altitude 1020 m
Maximum Altitude 2045 m
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO

Stage 4 – Tocón

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 59 Km
Technical Difficulty FÁCIL
Elevation Gain 660 m
Elevation Loss 1130 m
Minimum Altitude 675 m
Maximum Altitude 1295 m
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO

Important things to know about this trip

  1. Fitness Level: The route requires a good physical condition due to the demanding ascents and descents. Make sure you are fit and ready for the challenge.
  2. Proper Equipment: Although we offer rental bikes, it is essential to have the proper equipment such as helmet, technical clothing, and basic repair kit.
  3. Weather Conditions: The route is in the high mountains, so weather conditions can change quickly. Be informed about the weather and be prepared for abrupt variations.
  4. Trip Duration: Choose between 3 or 4 stage options, considering your endurance and time availability.
  5. Safety and Insurance: We include accident, liability and rescue insurance. Make sure you understand what these insurances cover and consider if you need additional coverage.
  6. Transfers and Logistics: The trip includes luggage and passenger transfers. Confirm logistical details, such as pick-up and drop-off points, to avoid surprises.
  7. Mechanical Assistance: Mechanical assistance is not included, but can be contracted separately. Evaluate the possibility of needing this service during the route.
  8. Accommodation Booking: Be sure to book accommodations in advance, especially if you plan to stay additional days before or after the tour.
  9. Season and Dates: The best season to do the route is from May to October. Plan your trip within this period to avoid problems with snowfall.



Type:Gravel, Mountainbike or Electric bike trip for 4 to 14 people : Available from April to November. Not advisable from December to March.
Route: 4 stages of approx. customizable from 57 to 87 kms daily.
Type of stages: The route will have asphalt passages in places where cycling is not possible due to National Park. All the rest are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through. There will also be some trails to make connections.
Group Size: Minimum 4 people to maintain this price.



Moderate – Hard: The route can be done in 3, 4, 5 or 6 days a la carte. The route is suitable for experienced riders from 20 to 65 years old who have a good level of fitness and enjoy mountain biking as a passion.


Pre-ride information and planning assistance.

At the beginning of the route the tracks will be delivered in GPX format for those who so wish. The navigation can be done with GPS or phone application. We recommend using extra batteries if smartphones are used, because if the routes are long, the battery will be used up more quickly.


Gravel Bikes


Electric Bikes

Dates and Prices

Sierra Nevada on Pedales

4 días

From 735€

Helmet for rent:  25€



Gravel Bikes


Electric Bikes


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