Bike Route Geopark of Granada

Great MTB Route of the Geopark of Granada in 5 stages, an experience in MTB, Electric Bike or Gravel that will be UNIQUE in your life, exploring exceptional geological landscapes and enjoying unforgettable adventures!
Pto. Blancares
5 days
Cave Houses
Price from 749€

Bicycle route through the Geopark of Granada, is a history through our geological past more cercano.

Welcome to the Gran Ruta MTB del Geoparque de Granada! This extraordinary experience invites you to immerse yourself in an exciting journey full of discoveries along several stages. This self-guided route will take you to explore the most impressive geological treasures of the Geopark, from the imposing Benalúa Desert to the fascinating formations of the Gorafe Desert, passing through emblematic sites such as Los Coloraos, Los Anchurones, the majestic Sierra de Baza, the imposing landscapes of the Sierra Nevada and the historical monuments of Guadix, among others.

Each day you will immerse yourself in the grandeur of these landscapes, pedaling through challenging trails and changing landscapes that reveal the geological richness of the region. To make your journey even more enjoyable, we offer a luggage transfer service, allowing you to enjoy each stage to the fullest without the burden of your belongings.

And what better way to immerse yourself in the essence of this region than to stay in the famous cave houses. These unique dwellings will give you not only shelter, but an authentic experience, connecting you with the history and tradition of this special place.

Get ready to live an unforgettable adventure, pedaling along paths that lead you to discover the natural beauty and ancestral history of the Geopark of Granada. This MTB, Electric Bike or Gravel experience will be unique in your life, an experience that will leave you amazed and that you will remember forever!

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An Unforgettable Journey through the Treasures of the Geopark

Imagine touring the Benalúa Desert, with its vast expanse and breathtaking rock formations. Continue your journey to the Gorafe Desert, a magical place full of mystery and geological history. You will cross emblematic landscapes such as Los Coloraos and Los Anchurones, each with its own history carved into the earth.

The route will also take you to the majestic Sierra de Baza and the imposing landscapes of the Sierra Nevada, where natural beauty merges with the thrill of mountain biking. And you can’t miss the historical monuments of Guadix, which will transport you back in time as you ride through its charming streets.

Worry-Free Experience

To guarantee a worry-free experience, we offer luggage transfers between stages, allowing you to fully enjoy each stage without the burden of your belongings. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to stay in the famous cave houses, a unique experience that will connect you with the history and tradition of the region.

Get ready for a unique adventure on a bicycle.

Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime MTB, e-bike or gravel experience. Each day will lead you to new discoveries, pedaling through challenging trails and changing landscapes that reveal the geological richness of the region. Discover the very essence of the Granada Geopark as you immerse yourself in its hidden treasures and natural beauty.

Plan your Adventure

Ready for this unforgettable journey? Plan your trip with us and live an unforgettable experience exploring the Granada Geopark by bicycle. From booking your route to accommodation in the cave houses, we are here to make sure your adventure is perfect in every aspect.

Find out more about the Great Granada Geopark MTB Route

Immerse yourself in this exciting adventure, discover the details of each stage, learn about our services and book your unique cycling experience in the Geopark of Granada. Get ready to pedal towards geological and cultural grandeur on a trip that will be the highlight of your memories!


Any date of the year
July and August are not recommended.

Uphill Tracks 50%
Dirt Tracks

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The trip includes

Cave house Accommodations
Initial Transfer Route start
Transfer luggage Suitcases
Breakfast + dinner
Liability Insurance
Accident Insurance
Ruta Geoparque Etapa 5


Bike for rent It is possible to contract
Full Pension It is possible to contract
Single Room It is possible to contract
Ruta Geoparque Etapa 1

Highlights of the trip

Without a doubt the best thing about the route is that you only have to pedal, everything else is done by us.

The luggage transfers, the accommodations, the times of each route and the points of interest are a cycling adventure that will leave you amazed, live this unforgettable experience!

Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Benefits of the trip

  1. Scenic diversity: From breathtaking deserts to majestic mountain ranges.

  2. Authentic lodging: Unique experience in cave houses, immersing you in the local history.

  3. Total comfort: Luggage transfer to enjoy each stage without logistical worries.

Things you should know about the trip to the Granada Geopark

When venturing into the Granada Geopark, be prepared for unique experiences. From the deserts of Benalúa and Gorafe to the majestic Sierras de Baza and Nevada, this trip immerses you in incomparable landscapes. The cave houses offer authentic accommodation full of history. With luggage transfer, you can enjoy each stage without worries, discover the scenic diversity and comfort of this cycling trip!



Type: Electric Mountain Bike / Electric Bicycle Trip : Start any day of the year (Not available in July and August due to extreme heat).
For bikes: Electric bikes, MTB Bikes or Gravel bikes
Route: Tocón de Quéntar – Benalúa – Gorafe – Gor – Guadix – Granada
Type of stages: All of them are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through and in key places of the Geopark of Granada.
Group size: Minimum 2 persons
Single room supplement: €150 per person (all 5 stages included).



Moderate: Daily average of 50 km with not very steep slopes but with the handicap that the route is in desert areas without access to sources or springs. The route is suitable for moderate leisure cyclists from 18 to 70 years old who have a good level of fitness and enjoy mountain biking.

Route specifically adapted for MTB or electric bikes.


5 nightsFirst class cave houses and a 3 star hotel. The accommodations are the best in each resort. If you want a single room, please contact the management and there will be a surcharge on the price.

All rooms have half board (breakfast and dinner (drinks not included)). Lunch can be hired separately since in most cases, cyclists do it their own way.

Alojamientos de primer nivel
Alojamientos geoparque de granada


Pre-trip information and planning assistance

At the beginning of the trip, the tracks will be delivered in GPX format and a briefing will be held the day before the route. Navigation can be done with GPS or phone application, although it is highly recommended to use a GPS device.


Descuento extra: 5% discount on your next tour with us!


Cannondale Moterra Neo3 750 Wh. high quality (Normal price: 65€ / day – Price for the route: 60€ / day)

Wilier  E903 630 Wh. (Normal price: 55€ / day – Price for the route: 50€ / day)


From Granada to the starting point.

Day 1 – Blancares – Benalúa

On this first day we will meet early in the morning at the agreed meeting point to make a change of transport that will take us about half an hour to the starting point.

The route will begin in Puerto Blancares, away from the noise of the city, going into forest roads before entering fully into the Geopark. Among the highlights of the day, we will visit the Mirador de Peña Bermeja, from where you can see the north faces of Sierra Nevada and right in front of the Geopark. Later we will pass through Lugros, a village where tranquility reigns, we will continue along the trails of Beas de Guadix, the viewpoints of Purullena and its Badlands, Guadix with its majestic Cathedral, and finally, the Crestas de Benalúa de Guadix.

To conclude the day, you will have the opportunity to stay in the cave houses of Benalúa de Guadix, where you will spend the night to rest and prepare for the next stage.

Etapa 1 Blancares - Benalúa  Etapa 1 Cedros Ifran 02

Day 2 – Benalúa – Gorafe

We begin our journey in Benalúa de Guadix, and in a short stretch we dive into the characteristic barren land, wadis and deserted trails. Soon we reach the Ermita de San Torcuato, a place of veneration for any self-respecting inhabitant of Guadix. After a brief visit to the sanctuary, we continue towards the Torre de Guájar, where a stop to capture snapshots becomes imperative. We advance along the path for a few kilometers until we reach the Gor River, which we must cross to continue our way and reach Cenascuras.

After leaving Cenascuras behind, we enter fully into the Megalithic Park of Gorafe, an area where up to 11 cemeteries have been located in the 20 kilometers of the Gor riverbed and several Bronze Age settlements. A total of 242 dolmens have been discovered with a wide variety of typologies, from the simplest pentagonal burials to monumental tombs with false domes.

Once we cross the river, we will face a short but intense descent to Gorafe, where we will make the last climb to visit “Las Majadillas” and contemplate one of the most famous dolmens of the region, the “Dolmen of the Cobertera”.

Etapa 2 Benalúa - Gorafe Etapa 2 Cedros Milenarios 01

Day 3 – Gorafe – Gor

After our brief visit to Gorafe the previous day, today we enter its arid desert to explore its most outstanding sections. We start the tour ascending steep slopes to reach the Megalithic Park. We continue along the plateau, visiting “Los Coloraos”, recognized for its remarkable resemblance to other emblematic deserts in the world. We cross winding ravines until we reach “Los Anchurones”, where stopping again is imperative to capture images of its famous “chimneys”.

Once we leave the Megalithic Park behind, we continue pedaling along trails, passing through the Cortijo de los Olivares, a must stop. Further on, we arrive at Los Balcones, another essential stop before continuing on to Gor. In this village, you will enjoy a well-deserved rest before the next stage of the route.

Etapa 3 Gorafe - Gor Etapa 3 Azrou 02

Day 4 – Gor – Guadix

Fourth stage, equally impressive as the previous day. We will leave Gor in the direction of Las Juntas, traveling several kilometers on a practically abandoned road. Given its exceptional scenic beauty, it is worthwhile to travel this short asphalted stretch to reach destinations such as the Casas de Don Diego and the Fuente de la Fraguara.

It will be crucial to keep an eye on the route at all times, as there are some detours that could confuse us before reaching Charches, another picturesque village where we can take a break, take pictures and stock up on water before continuing on to the Rambla de Fiñana, where in a few kilometers we will find ourselves in Guadix.

To finish the day, you can enjoy a stay in a magnificent hotel in Guadix, where you will spend the night to rest and prepare for the next stage.

Etapa 4 Gor - Guadix Etapa 4 Bakrit 02

Day 5 – Guadix – Granada

It may be the most challenging stage, but it could be one of the most attractive parts of the whole route from a tourist point of view. The landscapes transform as we approach the end. On this route, we will head through wadis and badlands until we reach Lugros, where we will take the track back to Granada.

We will ride through beautiful places such as the Bierma ravine, where we will have to cross a small stream, Tocón de Quéntar, ideal to take a break and enjoy a lunch before facing the last kilometers. We will also explore Beas de Granada and pass through the Periurban Park before reaching Sacromonte and the Albayzin neighborhood, where you can feel like a real tourist enjoying a few beers on a typical terrace overlooking the Alhambra in Granada.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to stroll through the streets of the Albayzin neighborhood, an emblematic place in Granada, being the envy of any local passerby. After these tours, you will only have to return to the hotel to complete the Gran Ruta del Geoparque de Granada.

Etapa 5 Guadix - Granada Etapa 5 Midelt 02

Embark on this cycling trip where hotels will not only be your accommodation, but also a gateway to dreams. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Morocco through our charming and picturesque places to stay, real treasures appreciated by thousands of visitors who choose them.

Each of our hotels is immersed in an oasis of serenity, surrounded by spectacular landscapes that will take your breath away. In addition, three of them offer you the option of a refreshing swimming pool, a perfect balm after venturing into the desert on two wheels.

And when it’s time for the last stage, we assure you… returning to reality will be the last thing on your bucket list!


Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Alojamientos Ruta del Geoparque de Granada

Dates and prices

Geopark of Granada
Benalúa – Gorafe – Gor – Guadix – Granada

5 days  5 nights – 5 Routes

From 749€

Special prices for groups of more than 4 people


Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 750Wh: 300€
Wilier E903 635 Wh: 275€ 



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