Bike Route "Sierra de Huétor"

The Sierra de Huétor by bike is an exciting experience for mountain biking enthusiasts.It involves cycling the routes and trails that cross this mountainous area near Granada.
4-5 hours
12 Persons
Price / person 40€

Sierra de Huétor by bike is an experience in nature

Fun at all times:

Immerse yourself in a fun-filled experience with every pedal stroke. The twisting and turning trails will keep you entertained throughout the ride. From gentle terrain to thrilling climbs, every moment is designed to make the most of mountain biking in one of the region’s most captivating natural environments.

We get you to the starting point, we do it all:

We take care of facilitating your adventure. From transportation to the necessary equipment, our team takes care of all the details so that your only concern is to enjoy the ride. We make sure you arrive at the starting point and are equipped with everything you need to embark on this exciting cycling trip.

Spectacular scenery and landscapes:

Get ready to witness the natural beauty of the Sierra de Huétor. The spectacular scenery and landscapes will take your breath away at every turn of the road. From panoramic views to lush forests and nature-lined trails, every moment will give you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable scenery as you cycle through this wonderful environment.


Friday - Thursday (special prices).
Weekend: 40€ / person
Holidays: 40€ / person

Technical route 20%
Dirt Tracks

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Ruta en Sierra de Huétor

The tour includes

Expert Guide The best
Transfer bikes & persons
Accident insurance
Civil liability insurance
Energetic bar
Possibility to rent a bike
Ruta en Sierra de Huétor


Helmet it is possible to contract
Video report it is possible to contract
Ruta en Sierra de Huétor

Highlights of the tour

Our team takes care of everything from getting you to the starting point to providing you with the necessary equipment.

From thrilling trails to panoramic views and lush forests, every moment will give you the natural beauty of this region.

Join this two-wheeled adventure and take home an unforgettable memory.

Ruta en Sierra de Huétor 01

Benefits of the tour

You will have experts guiding you: Our guides know every detail of the route, ensuring a safe journey at all times.

Your safety is our priority: In case of any technical inconvenience, our guides will be there to offer immediate assistance and guarantee your peace of mind during the tour.

Things you should know about this tour

  1. Professional guided experience: Expert guides will lead the route, ensuring a safe and exciting trip through the Sierra de Huétor.

  2. Equipment provided: All necessary equipment, from bikes to helmets, will be available to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

  3. Variety of terrain: From gentle trails to challenging climbs, the route offers a wide range of terrain, perfect for different levels of cycling ability.

  4. Breathtaking natural beauty: Enjoy breathtaking scenery with panoramic views, lush forests and natural surroundings that will take your breath away.

  5. Immediate assistance: Our guides are trained to handle any technical issues, ensuring quick assistance in case of problems during the tour.

  6. Safety as a priority: Safety is our main concern. Strict protocols are followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

  7. Duration and difficulty level: The tour has an approximate duration of 4 to 5 hours and is classified as intermediate level, being accessible but challenging, offering an exciting experience for cyclists with some experience in bicycle trekking.




Type: Electric bike tour for 6 to 12 people | Available at any time of the year.
Route: Sierra de Huétor – El Chorrillo – Peñoncillos
Type of stages: The route will have some asphalt, but only a few sections. All the rest are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through.
Group size: Minimum 6 persons



Moderate: Route of approximately 50 – 60 km (at a moderate level). The route is suitable for moderate recreational riders aged 18 to 65 who have a good level of fitness and enjoy mountain biking as a passion.


Pre-route information and planning assistance.

Although the trip will be guided at all times, at the start of the route the tracks will be provided in GPX format for those who wish to do so. The navigation can be done with GPS or phone application.

Discounts during the week (Monday to Thursday, excluding public holidays):

Discount for full tour 12 persons: 35 € / person the tour
Discount for renting 4 electric bikes: €60 / Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 / person or €50 / Wilier / person


Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 750Wh: 65€ / person 
Wilier E903 635 Wh. 55€ / person

Dates & Prices

Sierra de Huétor
Centro de Visitantes – Chorrillo

4:30 – 5:30 horas

From 40€

Rental helmet:  10€


Discounts applicable midweek only. From Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays)

Discount for full tour 12 persons: 35 € / person this tour
Discount for rental of 4 electric bikes minimum:
60€ / Cannondale / person
50€ / Wilier / person


Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 750Wh: 65€
Wilier E903 635 Wh: 55€


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