Buggy Route "El Temple 2h."

Immerse yourself in the thrilling buggy tour through the landscapes of Granada! Experience technical adrenaline and fun on an amazing route!
Car License
1,5 Hours
2 Persons
1 buggy x 2 persons 150€

Discover the thrill of the Granadian Temple and its Embrujo by Buggy

Technical thrills:

Experience the thrill of a buggy route designed to bring out the best in your skills. With technical sections and challenging locations, this tour offers the perfect combination of adrenaline and skill.

Unique environment:

Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery as you ride through vast stretches of olive groves and badlands. Discover the beauty of the Granadian Temple through this unique buggy experience.

Complete guided experience:

Enjoy a tour guided by experts in the area, with serviced vehicles and assistance available in case of any unforeseen events, guaranteeing a safe and exciting experience.


Monday - Friday: Ask us
Weekend: 50€ / person and hour
Holidays: 50€ / person and hour

Technical layout 70%
Dirt Tracks

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El tour incluye

Expert Guides The Best
Vehicle reviewed
Travel assistance Does not include parts


Helmet It is possible to contract
Videoreport It is possible to contract

Highlights of the trip

This tour is the perfect combination of adventure and spectacular scenery.

You will experience the thrill of challenging and desert-like terrain.

Get ready for thrilling moments that you will want to remember again and again!

Benefits of the trip

  1. Expertly guided experience: Our guides know every nook and cranny of the route, ensuring a safe journey.

  2. Prepared vehicles and guaranteed assistance: We provide you with buggies that are serviced and in top condition, along with immediate assistance.

Things you should know about this tour

  1. Intermediate level: Suitable for drivers with previous basic off-road experience. It offers exciting challenges without being too demanding.
  2. Approximate duration: The adventure lasts about 1,5 hours, ideal time to explore the area and enjoy the adrenaline without consuming your whole day.
  3. Captivating scenery: Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the olive groves and breathtaking badlands that characterise this region.
  4. Thrill and technique: The route is designed to offer a perfect balance between the thrill of the ride and the technical challenge, bringing out the best of your skills.
  5. Attention and safety: Your safety is paramount. Our vehicles are equipped and our guides are prepared to give you the best possible experience.
  6. Nature connection: This tour immerses you in a spectacular natural environment, allowing you to connect with the beauty of the region while having fun.
  7. Personalised guided experience: Although this is a group tour, our approach is to provide you with a personalised experience, adapting to your needs and preferences during the tour.




Type: Buggy Tour for 2 to 8 people : Not available during the forest fire danger season.)
Route: Granada – La Malahá – Temple – Granada
Type of stages: The route is asphalted on the way out of the city and on the way back. The rest are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through.
Group size: Minimum 2 people



Fácil – Moderado: Trazado de aproximadamente entre 30 y 35 Km (depende de la destreza del piloto). El recorrido es adecuado para pilotos de ocio moderado de 18 a 65 años que tengan un buen nivel de condición física y disfruten del motor como pasión.



Pre-trip information and planning assistance

Although the trip will be guided at all times, at the start of the route the tracks will be provided in GPX format for those who so wish. Navigation can be done with GPS or phone app.

Dates & Prices

El Temple I

1:30 – 2 hours

From 150€

Rental Helmet:  10€


Discounts during the week (Monday to Thursday, excluding public holidays):


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