Morocco by Electric Bike

Ride your electric bike through the most beautiful, wild and enchanting places in Morocco!
Fez - Morocco
9 days
3 y 4 Star
From 1.799€

Discover the Unique Experience of Travelling Morocco by Electric Bike

Tuareg Bike Desert is a different kind of tour, it is more than just a bike trip. In this transcontinental adventure you will travel through several very picturesque regions of Morocco, riding your electric bike from the most peaceful valleys to a green paradise that extends on both sides of the river and the border.

You will discover incredible desert landscapes, high mountains and lost oases, where you can also enjoy a unique territory, with an ancestral culture and an exquisite gastronomy.

A trip through Morocco by electric bicycle mixed with cultural tourism where we will visit the most picturesque places of the Moroccan country. From the most touristic areas of Ifrane, through its lakes and cedar forests to the most beautiful plains and dunes of Erg Chebbi.

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Exploring Morocco: The Bike Adventure

Discovering Morocco by electric bike is to immerse yourself in a unique journey. From winding roads in the most remote places to challenging trails in the Atlas Mountains, every turn of the pedal brings you closer to an unforgettable experience.

Essential Preparations for Your Adventure

Choosing the Right Bicycle

Before embarking on your journey, make sure you select the perfect electric bike for Morocco’s varied routes. Versatility and endurance are key.

Planning Routes and Destinations

Design a detailed itinerary, from vibrant Marrakech to hidden desert oases. Consider the terrains and climates for a more seamless experience.

Dazzling Scenery Every Kilometre

Scenic Routes through the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains offer spectacular views and exciting challenges for cyclists. Discover charming villages and picturesque landscapes on every climb and descent.

Desert Adventure: Unforgettable Routes

Immerse yourself in the magic of the desert on routes designed to explore hidden oases, golden sand dunes and the hospitality of nomadic tribes.

Cultural Experiences and Local Encounters

Encounters with Berber Culture

Stop in Berber villages, learn about their customs and enjoy their hospitality. The connection with local traditions will enrich your trip in a unique way.

Gastronomy and Authentic Flavours

Taste authentic Moroccan cuisine in local markets and small restaurants. The aromas and flavours will transport you to the essence of Morocco.

Tips for a Safe and Pleasant Experience

Safety Equipment and Maintenance

Make sure you carry a helmet, basic tools and spare parts. Also, familiarise yourself with the basic maintenance of your bike for a smooth journey.

Respect for Culture and Environment

Respect local traditions and the environment during your trip. Small gestures of courtesy and care contribute to preserving Morocco’s beauty.

Conclusions: An Unforgettable Morocco Electric Bike Tour

Exploring Morocco by electric bike is much more than a journey; it is an adventure that connects with the essence of the country. From its majestic landscapes to the hospitality of its people, every turn of the wheel is an opportunity to discover the true magic of Morocco.


End April 2024
End October 2024

Uphill Tracks 60%
Dirt Tracks

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Marruecos en bicicleta eléctrica - Lago de Afnourir

The trip includes

Expert Guides Los mejores
Maritime transport
Daily Transfers at hotels
Hotels 3 y 4 *
Breakfast and Dinner
Half-day picnics
Mechanical Assistance Does not include parts
Marruecos en bicicleta eléctrica - Dades - Arfoud


Electric bike It is possible to contract
Full Pension
Single room It is possible to contract
Marruecos en bicicleta eléctrica - Bakrit

Highlights of the trip

Get to know Ifrane, the little Moroccan Switzerland, the Middle Atlas and the magical desert of Erg Chebbi.

Ancient cedars, immense sinkholes, golden sands, dromedaries, kasbahs and much more.

Cycle through one of the most wonderful deserts on the planet.

Marruecos en bicicleta eléctrica - Dades - Arfoud

Benefits of the trip

On this trip you will not have to do anything at all.

We prepare everything so that you come just to enjoy this unique experience.

You will cycle safely every step of the way with our expert guides.

Things you should know about travelling in Morocco

You embark on a journey through Morocco on an electric bike mixed with a touch of sightseeing where you will visit the most picturesque places of the Moroccan country. Suitable for all those adventurers who do not want to suffer to enjoy an ancient culture on two wheels.



Type: Electric Mountain Bike Tour : Start Friday night (Not available in winter or summer).
For Bikes: Carbon or aluminium electric bicycles.
Route: Granada – Algeciras – Ifran – Midelt – Erfoud – Merzouga
Type of stages: Almost all of them are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through and in key Moroccan locations.
Group Size: Minimum 12 persons.
Single room supplement: €350 per person (Excluding Riad Madu Camp).




Daily average of 45 km with not very steep gradients. The route is suitable for moderate leisure cyclists aged 18 to 70 who are in good physical condition and enjoy mountain biking.

Route for electric bikes ONLY.


7 nights: 4 and 3 star hotels, 2 of them with swimming pool.
All rooms have private bathrooms.

All rooms have half board (breakfast and dinner (drinks not included)). Lunch will be provided during each route in the form of a picnic.

Madu Camp
Hotel Riad Madu


Pre-ride information and planning assistance

Although the trip will be guided at all times, at the start of the route the tracks will be provided in GPX format for those who wish to do so. Navigation can be done with GPS or phone application.

Extra Discount: 5% discount on your next tour with us!



Cannondale Moterra Neo3 750 Wh. high quality (65€ / día)

Wilier  E903 630 Wh. (55€ / día)


From Granada to Morocco and vice versa.

DAY 1 – Ifran

On this first day we will make a route just before arriving at our destination in Ifrane.

We will get off the bus a few kilometres before arriving at the hotel and we will make a route through the Dry Lake and the Ifrane National Park, a spectacular place if ever there was one, to finish arriving at our hotel in Ifrane.

Etapa 1 Cedros Ifran  Etapa 1 Cedros Ifran 02

DAY 2 – Cedar Forest

On the second day of the route we propose a walk through the cedar forest of Azrou.

Few travellers come to Azrou to visit the city, as it is its cedar forests that have made the area famous. We will also come across the inhabitant of this forest, the monkeys of Azrou.

Etapa 2 Cedros Milenarios 02 Etapa 2 Cedros Milenarios 01

DAY 3 – Azrou

On this third day we will go to the Dolines road to make a route through the Ainkhala Millennial Cedar Forests and the Afenourir Lake. We will also visit the most famous inhabitant of the Azrou Forest, the Great Millennial Cedar Gouraud, the largest in the region that we visited the day before. Unfortunately, it was killed a few years ago by a plague of processionnaires.

Etapa 3 Azrou 01 Etapa 3 Azrou 02

DAY 4 – Bakrit

Start of the route up to the Buitreras pass through a spectacular limestone landscape. Descent to the valley where the Berbers go down to graze their cattle in summer. We will continue descending through the Chaparral forest to several villages where the great ascent of the day will begin. We will finish with a pass through the Great Cedar of the Altas of the Bakrit Canyon to end the route with a picnic at the fishermen’s stream.

Etapa 4 Bakrit 01 Etapa 4 Bakrit 02

DAY 5 – Midelt

On this route we will travel to Arfoud through the vast desert plains to visit a place as mysterious and lonely as the Orion Towers. It will be our first contact with the desert.

Etapa 5 Midelt 01 Etapa 5 Midelt 02

DAY 6 – Erfoud

On this route we will leave the hotel in the direction of the fossil mines of Arfoud to go through the foothills of the Cuchillo del Pan mountain, the valley of the Acacias and the wild oasis of Medjakh where the nomadic weddings take place in summer when it is hot. We will visit the Oasis of Laouina, Oasis Desrdmen where Sahara films have been made. We will avoid the midday sun with a picnic to finish the route in the desert tent camp.

Etapa 5 Desierto Erg Chebbi 02 Etapa 5 Desierto Arfoud 02

DAY 7 – Merzouga

Last route in which we will immerse ourselves in the desert of Erg Chebbi. There are no buildings, no shops, no restaurants, no museums, no cars. There is only solitude and silence.

Nothing more, nothing less. Mountains of golden sand that, driven by a persevering wind, ride over each other until they reach beyond the horizon. Not to be forgotten.

Etapa 5 Desierto Erg Chebbi 01 Etapa 5 Desierto Erg Chebbi 02

DAY 8 – Return to Granada

Return to Granada

Embark on this cycling trip where hotels are not only your accommodation, but also a gateway to dreams. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Morocco through our charming and picturesque places to stay, true treasures appreciated by the thousands of visitors who choose them.

Each of our hotels is immersed in an oasis of serenity, surrounded by spectacular landscapes that will take your breath away. In addition, three of them offer you the option of a refreshing swimming pool, the perfect balm after venturing into the desert on two wheels.

And when it’s time for the last stage, we assure you… returning to reality will be the last thing on your bucket list!


Madu Camp

Hotel Riad Madu

Hotel Riad Madu

Campamento Dunas

Hotel Xaluca

Hotel Madú

Hoteles con encanto

Dayet Aaoua - Ifrane

Dates & Prices

Ifrane – Erg Chebbi

8 días  7 noches – 7 Rutas

From 1.799€


Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 750Wh: 455€
Wilier E903 635 Wh: 385€



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You embark on an electric bike trip through Morocco mixed with a touch of sightseeing where you will visit the most picturesque places of the Moroccan country. Suitable for all those adventurers who do not want to suffer to enjoy an ancient culture on two wheels.

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