Bike Route "Cabo de Gata"

Get ready for an unparalleled adventure exploring the magnificent Cabo de Gata on bike! Discover stunning landscapes, live unique experiences, and immerse yourself in pure nature.
3 - 4 hours
8 Persons
Price / person 50€

Bicycle route through Cabo de Gata: discover the magic of nature.

Adventure for cycling and nature lovers:

Ride more than 60 kilometers in a circular route through the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.
Enjoy unspoiled landscapes, paradisiacal beaches and charming villages at your own pace.
Feel the freedom of the outdoors and the unparalleled beauty of this natural environment.

Discover emblematic places:


Cross incredible spots such as Pozo de los Frailes, Las Negras, Las Hortichuelas or Minas de Oro. Cross the Indiana Jones tunnel and live an exciting experience. Pedal through different types of terrain and enjoy the variety of the landscape.

An unforgettable experience for everyone:

Route suitable for different levels of experience, from beginners to experienced cyclists. Enjoy the local gastronomy in the villages and restaurants along the route. Take away an unforgettable memory of your adventure in Cabo de Gata.


Friday - Thursday (special prices).
Weekend: 50€ / person
Holidays: 50€ / person

Technical Route 25%
Dirt Tracks

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Ruta en Bicicleta por Cabo de Gata

The tour includes

Expert Guide Los mejores
Transfer bikes & persons
Accident insurance
Civil liability insurance
Energetic bar
Possibility to rent a bike
Ruta en Bicicleta por Cabo de Gata


Helmet Se puede contratar
Video report se puede contratar
Ruta en Bicicleta por Cabo de Gata

Highlights of the tour

Discover the diversity of the landscape: from crystal clear beaches to arid cliffs, charming villages and hidden coves.

Freedom and flexibility: choose your pace and enjoy the route at your own pace, without haste or stress.

Sustainability and respect for the environment: a way to explore the Natural Park without leaving a trace.

Ruta en Bicicleta por Cabo de Gata

Benefits of the tour

Route guided by experts: learn the secrets of Cabo de Gata from local guides.

Complete equipment: state-of-the-art bicycles, helmets and technical assistance.

Accommodation in charming hotels: enjoy the rest and the local gastronomy.

Possibility of doing the route by electric bike, MTB or gravel.

Things you should know about this tour

1. Book in advance:

Availability is limited, especially during high season (summer and Easter). Booking in advance assures you a place on the route and allows you to better plan your trip.

Recommendation: Book at least 2 months in advance to ensure a place on the desired date.

2. Comfortable and appropriate clothing for the weather:

The weather in Cabo de Gata can be variable: hot during the day, cool breeze at night and constant wind. Wear breathable clothes that allow you to move freely and protect you from the sun and wind.

What to bring: Breathable clothes (T-shirts, shorts/long pants), light warm clothes (raincoat, sweatshirt for winter), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and enough water.

3. Respect the environment:

Cabo de Gata is a protected Natural Park. It is important not to leave waste on the path, respect the local flora and fauna and follow the indications of the guides to minimize the environmental impact.

How to do it: Carry a bag to collect your garbage, do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, respect the local flora and fauna and follow the indications of the guides about the rest and picnic areas.

4. Pay attention to traffic:

The route runs along roads and paths shared with vehicles. Drive with caution, respect traffic regulations and use road safety equipment (helmet, lights, etc.).

Tips: Stay alert to traffic, use bike lanes when available, respect traffic signs and moderate your speed in busy areas.

5. Stay hydrated:

Hot weather and physical activity can lead to dehydration. It is important to drink water frequently during your ride to stay hydrated and avoid fatigue.

Recommendation: Carry a reusable water bottle with you and refill it at available water points along the route.

6. Enjoy the scenery:

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the beauty of the natural environment. Take your time to enjoy the panoramic views, paradisiacal beaches, charming villages and unique landscapes of Cabo de Gata.

Ideas: Make stops at the viewpoints, go down to the beaches for a refreshing swim and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the natural environment.

7. Share your experience:

Keep an indelible memory of your adventure in Cabo de Gata. Take photos and videos of the landscapes, villages, beaches and special moments of the tour to share with your friends and family.

How to do it: Share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #RutaEnBicicletaCaboDeGata, create a blog or photo album to share your experience or write a comment on the tour website for other travelers to read.




Type: Electric bike tour for 6 to 8 people | Available at any time of the year.
Route: Las Negras – Minas de Oro
Type of stages: The route will have some asphalt, but only a few sections. All the rest are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through.
Group size: Minimum 6 persons



Moderate: Route of approximately 45 – 50 km (at a moderate level). The route is suitable for moderate recreational riders aged 18 to 65 who have a good level of fitness and enjoy mountain biking as a passion.


Pre-route information and planning assistance.

Although the trip will be guided at all times, at the start of the route the tracks will be provided in GPX format for those who wish to do so. The navigation can be done with GPS or phone application.

Discounts during the week (Monday to Thursday, excluding public holidays):

Discount for full tour 8 persons: 45 € / person the tour
Discount for renting 4 electric bikes: €60 / Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 / person or €50 / Wilier / person


Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 750Wh: 65€ / person 
Wilier E903 635 Wh. 55€ / person

Dates & Prices

Cabo de Gata
Las Negras – Pozo de los Frailes

3:30 – 4:30 horas

From 50€

Rental helmet:  10€


Discounts applicable midweek only. From Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays)

Discount for full tour 8 persons: 45 € / person this tour
Discount for rental of 4 electric bikes minimum:
60€ / Cannondale / person
50€ / Wilier / person


Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 750Wh: 65€
Wilier E903 635 Wh: 55€


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