Badlands Sky to Sea Route 6 days

Cross unique landscapes and deserts on Gravel o MTB or MTB bikes, feel the wind in the Natural Parks and Badlands of Gorafe and Tabernas, an unforgettable experience!
6 days
14 Persons
Self guided
Price / person from 780€

Discover the Ultimate Badlands Adventure: A Thrilling Experience from the Sierra to the Sea.

Imagine riding through landscapes that seem to be taken from another world, feeling the wind in your face as you wind your way through some of the most impressive Natural Parks in Andalusia. This route takes you from the majesty of the mountains to the serenity of the sea, passing through a diversity of landscapes that will take your breath away.

Sierra de Huétor Natural Park

Your adventure begins in the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park, a paradise of mountains and valleys that offers spectacular panoramic views. Here, winding paths lead you through dense forests of pine and oak trees, while you enjoy the freshness of the mountain air. The Sierra de Huétor is the perfect preamble to the diversity of landscapes that await you in the following days.

Gorafe Desert in the Granada Geopark

Leaving the Sierra de Huétor, you will enter the Gorafe Desert, located in the impressive Geopark of Granada. This area is famous for its unique geological formations and vast badlands, which create an arid and eroded landscape that looks like something out of another planet. Cycling through this terrain is a surreal experience that challenges your senses and connects you deeply with nature.

Sierra del Pozo

The route continues to the Sierra del Pozo, where the scenery changes again. Here, steep mountains and deep ravines create a challenging but incredibly beautiful environment. The vegetation becomes somewhat denser but the desert air and drier roads always predominate, offering a rewarding experience for adventurous cyclists. Every ascent and descent in this sierra is a test of your skill and endurance, rewarded with breathtaking views.

Sierra de los Filabres

After conquering the Sierra del Pozo, you head towards the Sierra de los Filabres. This area is known for its mountainous landscapes and picturesque villages. The winding gravel roads take you through pine and almond forests, while enjoying the tranquility and natural beauty of the sierra. It is a stretch that combines physical exertion and moments of peace and reflection.

Tabernas Desert

One of the highlights of the route is the Tabernas Desert, the only desert in Europe. This desolate and fascinating landscape has been the setting for numerous films and transports you to a world of vast plains and unique rock formations. Cycling through the Tabernas desert is a unique experience, where every kilometer is a challenge and an adventure in itself.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Finally, your journey takes you to the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, where the landscape changes radically. Here, the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean offer a refreshing respite after the challenges of the desert. Cabo de Gata is a coastal paradise with impressive cliffs and hidden coves that invite you to relax and enjoy the sea. It is the perfect closure for a route that has combined mountain, desert and coast in an unforgettable experience.

Finishing the route

The Badlands Sky to Sea route offers you a unique and exciting experience that you will remember forever. Over the course of 6 days, you will travel through some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in Andalusia, from mountains and forests to deserts and beaches. Each section of the route will challenge and reward you with spectacular views and moments of deep connection with nature. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure that will take you from the sky to the sea, through the famous Badlands and beyond.

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What are the Badlands of the Granada Geopark?

The Badlands of the Granada Geopark are spectacular geological formations, characterized by eroded landscapes, deep ravines and arid soils that create a lunar-like setting. These unexplored terrains are a natural treasure that combines beauty and challenge, making every kilometer an adventure for the most intrepid cyclists.

What is Badlands Sky to Sea on Gravel?

The Badlands Sky to Sea en Gravel route is an epic journey that starts from the heights of the Sierra Nevada and descends to the beaches of Cabo de Gata. Along the way, you will face varied and demanding terrain, from gravel roads in the Badlands to trails in deserts and sierras. This adventure not only tests your physical endurance but also immerses you in a deep connection with nature and the Andalusian landscape.

Why do Badlands Sky to Sea and not another route?

Badlands Sky to Sea is not just a route, it is a transformative experience. Each day on this journey offers changing landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to arid deserts, culminating in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. The sense of accomplishment in completing this route is indescribable, and the connection with nature and yourself is unparalleled. This is the adventure that will take you beyond your limits and leave you with indelible memories.

What is Badlands Sky to Sea’s Profile?

The Badlands Sky to Sea profile is challenging and varied. With terrain ranging from high mountain peaks to desert plains, this route is designed for adventurers looking to push their limits. Steep ascents and descents, combined with technical sections and gravel roads, guarantee an intense and rewarding experience for any passionate cyclist.

What is so special and unique about Badlands Sky to Sea?

What makes Badlands Sky to Sea truly special is its ability to combine the diversity of landscapes into a single ride. Not only will you cross terrain that varies dramatically in elevation and type, but you will also experience the rich biodiversity and local culture of Andalusia. This unprecedented route is a celebration of nature in its purest and wildest form.


Preferably from September to May
for weather reasons

Uphill Tracks 25%
Dirt Tracks

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Desierto de Gorafe

The trip includes

Expert Guide Los mejores
Luggage Transfer
Transfer Persons (Last day)
Accident Insurance
Liability Insurance
Energy Bar
Bicycle rental available
Daily telephone follow-up
Desierto de Tabernas


Helmet It is possible to hire
Mechanical Assistance It is possible to hire
Displacement It is possible to hire

Highlights of the trip

Diversity of Landscapes: From the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the arid deserts of Gorafe and Tabernas, and the pristine beaches of Cabo de Gata. Each section offers a unique and dazzling visual experience.

Challenge and Adventure: A demanding route that tests your endurance and skills, with varied and technical terrain that guarantees an exciting and rewarding adventure.

Connection with Nature: Cycling through Natural Parks and Badlands allows you a deep immersion in nature, enjoying the tranquility, fresh air and untouched landscapes.


Benefits of the trip

Personalized Attention: We offer daily telephone follow-up and briefing to make sure that every stage of your trip is perfect.

Complete Logistics: We include luggage transfer, airport transfer and luggage transfer during the route so that you can concentrate only on enjoying your trip.

Full Security: All our packages include accident insurance, liability insurance and rescue insurance, giving you total peace of mind during your adventure.

Badlands Sky to Sea stages

Sierra de Huetor

Stage 1 – Fin del mundo

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 90 Km
Technical Difficulty MODERATE
Elevation Gain 2100 m
Elevation Loss 2022 m
Minimum Altitude 660
Maximum Altitude 1494
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO
Fin del Mundo

Stage 2 – Ramblas y Badlands

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 108 Km
Technical Difficulty MODERATE
Elevation Gain 1930 m
Elevation Loss 2160 m
Minimum Altitude 460 m
Maximum Altitude 1050 m
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO
Desierto de Gorafe

Stage 3 – Badlands y Desierto

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 106 Km
Technical Difficulty MODERATE
Elevation Gain 1980 m
Elevation Loss 1758 m
Minimum Altitude 530 m
Maximum Altitude 1190 m
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO
Sierra de los Filabres

Stage 4 – Los Filabres

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 95 Km
Technical Difficulty HARD
Elevation Gain 1750 m
Elevation Loss 1860 m
Minimum Altitude 730 m
Maximum Altitude 2160
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO
Desierto de Tabernas

Stage 5 – Desierto de Tabernas

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 105 Km
Technical Difficulty HARD
Elevation Gain 2200 m
Elevation Loss 2350 m
Minimum Altitude 15
Maximum Altitude 1380
Trail Type lineal
Transfer NO
Ruta en Bicicleta por Cabo de Gata

Stage 6 – Cabo de Gata

(Approximate technical data)

Distance 85 Km
Technical Difficulty MODERATE
Elevation Gain 1430 m
Elevation Loss 1460 m
Minimum Altitude 5 m
Maximum Altitude 250 m
Trail Type lineal
Transfer YES
Desierto de Tabernas

Etapa 7 – Ramblas y Badlands

(Datos técnicos aproximados)
Distancia 70 Km
Dificultad Técnica MODERADO
Desnivel Positivo 1.020 m
Desnivel Negativo 1040 m
Altitud mínima IDA
Altitud máxima IDA
Trayecto lineal
Transfer NO

Important things to know about this trip

  1. Physical Condition and Experience Level: The Badlands Sky to Sea route is demanding and requires good physical condition. Make sure you are prepared to tackle varied terrain, including steep climbs and technical sections. Previous experience on gravel or mountain bike trails is recommended.

  2. Adequate Equipment: It is essential to have the right equipment for this adventure. In addition to a gravel or mountain bike in good condition, you will need technical clothing, helmet, gloves, and basic tools for minor repairs. If you don’t have a bike, we offer high-quality rental options.

  3. Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can vary significantly along the route. From cool mountain climates in the Sierra Nevada to the heat of the Tabernas desert. It is important to check the weather forecast and be prepared for different conditions, carrying adequate clothing and sufficient water.

  4. Transportation Logistics: Our offer includes luggage and airport transfer (Malaga/Granada), which makes your trip easier. However, it is important to coordinate these details in advance to ensure that all transfers go smoothly.

  5. Accommodations and Meals: Accommodations do not include meals. If meals are contracted separately, it is essential to verify the details of the accommodations and any special dietary needs you may have. Also, during the route, we recommend you bring snacks and energy drinks to keep you hydrated and energized.

  6. Insurance: The route includes accident, liability and rescue insurance. However, check the details of the coverages to make sure they fit your personal needs. Also consider additional travel insurance if necessary.

  7. Technical and Mechanical Assistance: The route does not include mechanical assistance as standard, although it can be contracted separately. If you do not contract this service, make sure you have basic repair skills and bring essential tools and spare parts.

  8. Preparation and Training: It is advisable to follow a training plan before the tour to ensure that you are in the best possible physical shape. This will allow you to enjoy the experience more and reduce the risk of injury.

  9. Itinerary Flexibility: Although this trip is 6 days and can be adapted to less, it is important to plan your itinerary in advance. Consider your availability of time and energy to complete the route without rushing and fully enjoy each stage.

Considering these points will help you adequately prepare for the Badlands Sky to Sea adventure, ensuring a safe, rewarding and unforgettable experience.



Type: Gravel, Mountainbike or Electric bike trip for 4 to 14 people : Available from September to June. Not advisable in July and August.
Route: 6 etapas de aprox. personalizable de 80 a 110 kms a diarios.
Type of stages: The route will have some asphalt, but few sections. All the rest are quiet dirt tracks, with no vehicles passing through. There will also be some trails to make connections.
Group Size: Minimum 4 people to maintain this price.



Moderate – Diffcult: Daily routes of approximately 45 – 50 Km (at an easy – moderate level) or 90 – 110 Kms (at a moderate – difficult level). The course is suitable for experienced riders from 20 to 65 years old who have a good level of fitness and enjoy mountain biking as a passion.


Pre-ride information and planning assistance.

At the beginning of the route the tracks will be delivered in GPX format for those who so wish. The navigation can be done with GPS or phone application. We recommend using extra batteries if smartphones are used, because if the routes are long, the battery will be used up more quickly.


Gravel Bikes


Electric Bikes

Dates and Prices

Badlands Sky to Sea

6 days

From 780€

Helmet for rent:  25€



Gravel Bikes


Electric Bikes


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